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"Give credit where credit is due."

STORYTIMELINE exists with two major goals in mind;
One goal is to tell the unbelievable true stories of historical figures' lives in an entertaining and engaging way, presented with fun facts and a referential timeline to track the story. 
The other  goal is to give credit where credit is due. I always loved history. As a kid, I used to imagine being a medieval knight, a viking, or a cowboy. As I grew and my interest in history grew, my curiosity towards what was going on in other parts of the world while knights where defending their king, vikings were pillaging, and cowboys where roaming the open plains, grew. What I found out was incredible. The whole time I was being told the same stories over and over again, there was an African king that had controlled the majority of the gold in the world, a Mongolian emperor who went from being a prisoner to conquering more connected land than anyone, and a pregnant teenager who guided grown men on a dangerous expedition to explore the western united states. Some of these stories have been told, but often from a specific view point and not with all of the credit they deserve. So, in other words, these stories have yet to be told the way Storytimelines tells them.
Storytimelines allows each historical figure to shine as the sole star in their life story which tells of the good, the bad, the failures, and the accomplishments that make them important to the history of our world.
-Mike McCraw
owner/director/animator of Storytimelines
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